Curio Cabinets

Curio (or Display) Cabinets

This was one of Mr. Becker’s (the elder) favorite categories, and we continue to maintain access to curios even though the number of sources dwindled in the Great Recession. Curio cabinets are a wonderful way to display collections of many kinds.  We are, after all, not only what we eat, but what we collect, and these display cabinets are a great way to express ourselves through home décor.


Featured Manufacturers:

Pulaski  This company was one of the pioneers of import furniture—way before

importing became economically attractive. While they have cut back on the number of styles they once offered, they are still one of the largest resources for this category.—display-cabinets


Philip Reinisch  These folks prided themselves on offering American made products, but eventually they too were forced to import this labor intensive category. They offer a wide variety of styles and sizes at reasonable prices.


Jasper Cabinet Co.  This was one of the finest American manufacturers in this category, but eventually they went out of business. Today their curio styles are offered by a group who has resurrected the company and is close to returning it to its former glory. Inquire.


…and more.  Come in and browse through our collection and our catalogs.


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